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Welcome to the Salt River Fields Baseball Academy! Our baseball camps cater to kids at every level of play and are committed to providing a safe & fun experience for all! The Salt River Fields Baseball Academy focuses on creating a fun environment, providing quality instruction, encouragement, and teaching a few life skills along the way!

What You'll Learn


Players will learn the basics of hitting including proper grip, stance/set up, routine, balance, stride/load, timing, swing path and finish. Hitters will rotate through a series of supervised stations, including batting cages, each designed to teach a different component of hitting.


Our program will help improve the skills of all infielders and outfielders by rotating through drills covering stance, positioning, pre-pitch movements, footwork, reaction, angles, ground balls, fly balls, backhands, double plays, communication and more!


Players will have the opportunity to learn important skills like accuracy, arm strength, proper set-up, footwork and arm angle. They will rotate through a series of drills that each camper can perform at home!


Our drills are designed with emphasis on proper pitching mechanics and a solid throwing program to better each individual skill set. Players will learn the mechanics (windup/stretch), pitchers fielding practice, proper throwing progression, core/shoulder work, pick-offs, location, and the mental approach.


Our catching stations will cover all major aspects of being behind the plate. Players will learn stance, signs, receiving, framing, blocking, throwing, fielding, tags and more!


In the baserunning portion, players will learn running technique, acceleration, aggressiveness, anticipation, getting out of the box, and rounding bases. Players will learn from game-like situations that will simulate the speed of the game and the importance of taking the extra base.

Quick Tips for Home


Each participant will need to bring his/her own equipment (there will not be sharing of bats or gloves or water bottles). Here is what to bring/wear:

  • Baseball Glove
  • Baseball Bat
  • Baseball helmet (highly suggested)
  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Wear baseball cleats. If you are wearing cleats to an outdoor location, please bring gym shoes in case the camp moves indoors due to inclement weather. NO METAL SPIKES.
  • Wear baseball pants or sweat pants and protective gear

Please have your child’s gear labeled so it is not misplaced or taken accidentally by another child.

Safety First

While children at camp are separated by age, not all players of the same age have equal ability. For safety reasons and because it facilitates the best learning environment, players are grouped by age and ability. These “teams” stay together throughout the week with the same coach. There is crossover with instructors but we have found the bonds created between teammates and their primary coach is one of the truly special dynamics at camp.

At our instructors’ discretion, tennis balls, whiffle balls and safety balls are used liberally at camp. We also use regulation baseballs and softballs, however fear-free confidence is a critical foundation for fun and learning on the diamond.

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

You will receive an email the week prior to your child’s camp that will indicate which large flying banner he/she should head out to when you arrive at the drop-off location. There will be multiple coaches assisting in the drop-off and pick-up process.


For dropping off your child, please plan on pulling up and letting your child out, help him/her grab their gear, then one of our coaches will check him/her in and provide more direction.


For pick-up, when you pull into the parking lot, please let our coach know who you are picking up so we can have him/her come to your car. There will be hand sanitizer for them to use on their way out of camp.

Special Guests, Incentives & more!

Your child won’t just get a great baseball learning experience, they’ll also receive special discounts, experiences, guest appearances and more!  These incentives aren’t offered to the general public and are limited based on availability!

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While our programs can attract around 200 players at some locations, that is spread over a four and a half or five-hour period. We take a maximum of about 30 players per hour for the hitting camps and between 12 and 14 pitchers per hour, depending on the size of the facility. The important thing to remember is that we provide a low player-coach ratio. If we add players, we add coaches. We have had waiting lists as long as 100 at a particular location. We will not overbook and compromise our instruction.

Registration forms for each location are on the web site. Enter your information online and submit it to reserve your spot. Your spot will be held up to three weeks. All payments can be made immediately or by returning to your account at any time while your registration is being held. A small upcharge/tax applies for credit card payments. 

We want each player to bring a bat because there are times when everyone in a group will be performing a drill at the same time, so it’s not ideal to borrow a bat from someone else in the camp.  Also, due to COVID-19, it’s not recommended to share any type of equipment with other campers.

Campers are encouraged to have baseball pants, t-shirt, cleats and/or tennis shoes for each camp.  Also, please dress depending on the weather.

All camps will be held at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.  They will either be on the backfields, batting cages, bullpens and/or main stadium.  We will inform you where each camp will take place.

You can stay to watch your child participate in the camp.  Due to COVID-19, it is encouraged that masks be worn by all and social distancing is practiced.  If you can not comply with these rules you will be asked to leave.